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About Yogabears
An introduction to the world of Yoga for calm happy kids
  • YOGABEARS, India’s first form of children’s yoga is a fun, inspiring way to bring the fantastic world of yoga to children of walking age to 7 years and beyond.
  • Yogabears has been successfully working within schools and nurseries over the last 6 years as part of the school curriculum.
  • Yogabears has also been active in running private classes which are carefully structured to develop children emotionally and physically whilst enhancing their learning experience.
  • We can tailor our classes to suit the school’s needs whether it is to run in line with the curriculum, to offer an before or after school clubs. Special events such as workshops on important topics have also been arranged and conducted. The most recent one being on the important topic of “STRANGER DANGER”.
  • We have also run Mother and Toddler Groups which allow parents to be involved with their toddlers to experience movement through yoga, dance and story. We use lots of interesting props like toys, cards and balls to engage the children in the yoga activity.
  • Kids’ brains have to work pretty hard these days. They seem to have more jam-packed school and home lives than our generation and all the bright, busy screens competing for their attention make quiet time hard to come by. Mindfulness is a great way to introduce a little stillness into their days.


Yoga Teacher
" I want to be able to give children a solid foundation in an activity that is not only a healthy exercise but a valuable support for the rest of their lives."
About The Teacher
  • My journey into the world of yoga came as something of a surprise.  Born in Nairobi, Kenya and brought up in the UK, I moved from my work as a Lawyer with a London based firm to accompany my husband on his various overseas postings as a Diplomat for the British Government.
     I am an exercise enthusiast and yoga was introduced to me by a friend whose classes I started attending.  I trained in Pilates and Yoga and after moving to Kazakhstan, I started to teach Yoga and Pilates to members at the International Women’s Group.  It was during this time that I was approached by the British Kindergarten, Almaty, to start a program for children.
  • I completed a specialized children’s Yoga course in the UK with Jamie Brodie (former teacher of Yogabugs) who owns and runs Cosmic Kids. I taught at two schools in Kazakhstan for three and a half years and since being in Bangalore have been teaching for the last five years.  Through my program, I want to share the valuable connection that I have found through Yoga with children.  My sessions encourage children to explore yoga using story, music and games.
     One of my key goals is to highlight the values of yoga for children through all-inclusive and noncompetitive classes.  I believe, issues of obesity, lack of focus, low self-esteem, vulnerable immune systems and attention deficiency have all combined to make yoga a natural choice before, during and after school.

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